Please pray for our missionaries


How important is the prayer support from the churches of Romania for you as a missionary?

The prayer of the mother church is the most important part of its involvement for us here. It is the key to winning the battle we are engaged in. It is the thing that gives oxygen and water to our soul.
Dan and Carmen, Khyrgistan.

Prayer is very important for us in the spiritual battle we have to lead here. We feel God strengthening and sustaining us spiritually every day. We are thankful for the brothers that struggle in prayer for us and God’s ministry here. Without the help we receive through prayer we would not be able to make such a grand ministry. We do the ministry together.
May God bless you.
Radu and Miki, Italy.

Prayer is the force that pushes me forward. It is more than just being remembered. It is a force that helps me stand up on the day of my trial on the mission field. For me and God’s ministry here it is continuous intercession that advances and brings conquest of new territories for God. It is the most important thing, and it is never enough for me.
Ema, Macedonia.

Before heading for this fascinating country people from various churches said they would pray for me. Now I know it wasn’t all just Christian civility when I notice I’ve been spared of diseases, accidents that I came really close to having, when I realize I’ve been given opportunities to testify where I didn’t expect them, but especially when I see how fast and easily I adapted to this new culture. This is for me the greatest of wonders, and I am convinced it was achieved while people prayed down on their knees.
Crina, China.

On our way back from Arunchal we understood even better that the prayer of the Church is the most important reason for our being here today. We were travelling in our Jeep down endless winding roads that were still partly under construction, with bald tires on a road covered by ice, and surrounded by dense fog leading straight into nothingness”¦ At one point I asked myself how come we were still on the road?! If we are still here today, going through a unique experience with the Lord and having the possibility to meet people who really know the meaning of sacrifice in the name of the Kingdom, it is because of your prayers headed towards the throne. Thank you.
Edi and Ligia, India.
Any battle is impossible without the help of those behind the frontline. For me as a missionary the prayer of the church is the encouragement and strength I need on the battlefield. But I also believe that the prayer of all churches for their missionaries is vital both for the missionaries and for those that support them. Both sides need strength and courage. (Acts 4:13 and 4:29).
Ion, Asia.

For some days now it’s been raining over the entire jungle. We are stuck in the chalet. We had written a letter to the Church in Romania, and we knew that the brothers were praying. Above us the clouds started to spread and so we were able to resume our flight over the jungle. God answered!
Marc and Adina, Peru.

Prayer is to me a living testimony of the fact that our Lord Jesus’ prayer is still coming true today: “”¦Father I pray that they may all be one, even as Thou, Father, art in Me, and I in Thee, that they also may be in Us; so that the world may believe that Thou didst send Me”. It is an encouragement to know that the prayer of Romanians does not stop at the frontier. To God’s glory.

Alina, Senegal.

For me, prayer and the brothers’ love along with God’s grace are the things that keep me here. Had I been able to compare these with anything it would probably be the air that I breathe, without which I could not be able to exist. It wasn’t just once that I found out that somebody had been praying for me when I most desperately needed the Lord to intervene, and He did! I would probably never make it all on my own; we are all one body, and we are working together for the Kingdom of God.
Dana and Joel, India.

Most of the times I’ve travelled alone to places I had never seen before. I faced new situations, and I’ve had to make really important decisions in a very short period of time. But God has always been faithful. I know that the success of my trips is due to a great extent to the prayers of my friends.
Paul, the Himalayan Mountains area.

Without prayer the missionary work would be like a dry land where the missionary who goes out to sow the seed will wait for something to come up and grow, but nothing will happen because that land hasn’t been properly irrigated. We missionaries are ready to go and sow the seed, but somebody needs to stay behind us and support us by asking God to rain His blessings upon us. The responsibility of the Church in Romania is enormous, now that the missionary work has taken an unprecedented shift. God wants us to be co-workers in His field, so each one of us needs to do his part well. He will most definitely do His.
Dan and Diana, Malawi.

The prayer of the Church in Romania has two major roles: to express love for the new missionaries and to provide spiritual support. We have stepped on a spiritually foreign territory, but the church covers our backs by praying. Both of these sides share a common purpose but a different place in the ministry and in the end, the same reward up I heavens.
Mirela, Armenia.

The way the water brings back to life a withered flower is the same way that prayer works in the life of a missionary.
Florin and Silvia, Ukraine.

When the churches of Romania pray, it means they have understood their place in missions: they have joined the missionaries that are already engaged in the great fight for men’s souls. For me it is a great encouragement and honour to know that I have Romanian churches backing me through their prayers to the Father. Romanians can change the destiny of the people in Kosovo when they pray for them. Prayer changes people; it brings them to the Father.
I often live through the prayers of my brothers. I know that somebody is praying for me because I am able to stand even when Satan tries to bring me down. The multitudes of people that pray bring heaven down on earth, that is, they bring God in the middle of Kosovo, we on our mission fields and you at home, as intercessors. We are together in the Lord’s vineyard. Each Christian has something to do!
Serving together for one cause: CHRIST.
Claudia, Kosovo.

Some churches have adopted me as their missionary”¦ Once as I was going through a very difficult time and was very depressed, I felt God working in me and helping me bring myself together. A short while after, I received an e-mail from an old man in Oradea, saying: “The Lord told me you were in a difficult situation, and I prayed for you.” I was amazed to hear that someone had been praying for me when I needed it most. God was the one that led that old man into prayer for me, and it was Him again who worked through it.
Asia ““ B.Z.


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