15 Noiembrie


“This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.” Mark 7:6

When Jesus spoke the words of today’s verse, He was talking about a religious system that had lost its way and was trying to please God by keeping rules and regulations. People thought they could earn their way to God even though their heart was far from Him.

That’s why there are so many different religious groups out there today. People want to make up their own rules in the hope that they can earn their way to heaven.

But that’s also what separates Christianity from other religious systems. Every other religion you can name is based to some degree on working hard to please God and earning your way into the highest possible place in heaven. What a sad and hopeless system.

But what a great hope we have in Christ! Instead of trying to work our way to Him with “lip service,” He just wants us to come to Him and say, “I know I’m not worthy of heaven, so I ask for your forgiveness and admit that I’m totally dependent upon You.”It’s a transaction of a broken and needy heart.

But as you continue to live out your Christian life, it is so easy to fall back into works”¦and for your heart to grow cold. Today, is your heart far from God? Do you find yourself in a legalistic relationship with a heart that is cold?

Give up the works system of “religion,” because it will only let you down! Instead, draw close to God in your heart and confess to Him once again that you are totally dependent on Him”¦and He will draw close to you!



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