05 Aprilie


“Whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.” Proverbs 19:2

To be a faithful follower of Christ, you must be a patient person. Many times it’s just our human nature to rush off and take swift action when we hear about a problem.  But patience pays off””and few people in the Bible illustrate this better than Nehemiah.

In the first chapter of Nehemiah, Nehemiah heard that something was terribly wrong back in Jerusalem. But rather than rushing off to do something about it, he patiently prayed and sought the Lord as to what to do.

Nehemiah knew that he would not be successful without waiting on God.

Today’s verse tells us that it’s not only dangerous and unwise to rush into the unknown, but it’s sometimes even sinful. Nehemiah prayed and prepared for four months! When was the last time you took four months to pray about and prepare for something?

God puts a premium on patience. We need to align our schedules with God’s heavenly timetable. And the only way you will know God’s schedule is if you talk to Him constantly”¦and wait on Him patiently.

Many of us want to give up if we don’t get an immediate response. Patience is a hard lesson to learn in today’s fast and furious society. But you can learn it! Imitate Nehemiah today, and seek the Lord fervently”¦and wait patiently for His answer!



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