27 Mai


“We will not neglect the house of our God.”Nehemiah 10:39

Have you ever noticed that God always has a next step of dedication and growth for us? We as Christians are to constantly learn more, love more, be more like God, and grow beyond where we are today.

The Christian life is really a series of new beginnings. That’s what makes being a Christian so interesting and exhilarating. We should be excited about our next opportunity to serve, lead, grow, and follow God through another open door.

But be careful! There’s a danger here.

It’s easy to rest on our success and become stagnant after reaching a new level of growth. We need to be aware of what I call the perils of the plateau. That’s the danger of settling for where we are and becoming stagnant, rather than moving onward and upward for the cause of Christ.

Nehemiah saw this danger, which is why he led the people of Israel in rebuilding their lives after rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah and the people took time to dedicate themselves to the things of the Lord after the success of rebuilding the walls.

We must not, as Nehemiah put it, “neglect the house of our God.” Instead, let’s continue to look for the next opportunity and not get comfortable, lazy, or satisfied with our current level of spiritual growth. Nothing is worse for a Christian than being dormant and still in our spiritual life.

Have you hit a spiritual plateau, or are you still excited and eager for your next opportunity to grow spiritually? Tell the Lord you want Him to show you the next spiritual mountain to climb. Enjoy the Christian life, and live it to the fullest, without settling or stopping!



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