11 Iunie


“You shall be holy, for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16

If I could sum up the character of God in one word, that word would be holy. I realize that we have had a number of devotionals on this issue, but it is that important!

Our God is a holy God! And as His children who love Him, you and I should be motivated to obey Him and live holy lives.

As followers of Christ, you and I are partakers of His divine nature. So it makes sense that if the divine nature of God is living in you, then His holiness will be displayed in your life”¦that His character will be reproduced in your life.

My earthly father gave me his nature. And regardless of where I go, at least in the physical realm, I am a Graham. That’s my name and that’s my nature! I am the child of my father. And it always did me a lot of good every now and then when someone would say, “He’s just like his dad.”

In the same way, people ought to say of you and me, “He’s just like his heavenly Father.” “She’s just like her Lord.” Our love and obedience to our Father should manifest itself in a Christ-likeness that people notice.

I simply ask you today, does your life reflect the nature and Spirit of our God who is holy? Would others ever say that you’re just like your heavenly Father?



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